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Dream Big for your Next Luxury Getaway

Travel is worth every dollar you spend on it. It opens up your life and connects you to the world and all its people and living things. So, Dream Big for your Next Luxury Getaway… You see oceans and mountains and icebergs and caverns and forests bigger and wilder than

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Looking for a treatment that blasts away all the dead and dying skin cells on the surface of your face without leaving you feeling like you’ve been worked over by a sander?

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Bringing your Travels into the Home

Each of us at some moment during our lives has found ourselves thinking: “I never want to leave this place.” Perhaps you were on a long awaited vacation, visiting a friend’s home, touring a new city or just sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean.

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Make your Home Happy

Your home should be one big deep breath followed by one relaxing, calming exhale. It should bring you happiness as you walk through the front door.

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Bring the Resort Home to your Patio

Maybe you can’t spend your whole summer traveling, but you can easily recreate some luxe resort atmosphere at home, especially out back where your space is more flexible and the sky’s quite literally the limit.

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Essential Oils Can Promote Elegance & Wellness - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Essential Oils Can Promote Elegance & Wellness

No luxury home is complete without the indelible scent of at least one essential oil wafting through the rooms and halls, spreading je ne sais quoi. But what makes an oil essential? Essential oils aren’t oils in the traditional sense, though they resemble them in the way they don’t mix

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Clean Beauty is Complex but Worthwhile- Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Clean Beauty is Complex but Worthwhile

The definition of “clean beauty” when it comes to product use is easy to embrace: Don’t make or use cosmetics that could harm us or the environment. It may not surprise you that it’s incredibly hard to reach that goal. The list of ingredients of concern is more than 10,000

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Summer Fashion Flaring in Fun Directions - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Summer Fashion Flaring in Fun Directions

Settling on a single “look of the summer” is getting harder and harder as trends rise and fall with the speed of a TikTok reel and self-expression becomes the new cool. But some of our tendencies are coming to the fore and can be identified as in vogue as the

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Travel to Find your Healing Waters - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Travel to Find your Healing Waters

Humans have been traveling to seek healing and comfort from the water at natural mineral springs since time immemorial. Today hydrotherapy is widely available through pools, whirlpools, hot tubs, float tanks, Hubbard tanks and other modern devices, but there’s renewed interest in returning to the tradition of “taking the waters”

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Luxury is Eco-friendly

With energy costs soaring and concern about greenhouse gasses rising, many homeowners are looking to integrate “green,” energy-efficient features into new and existing homes. 

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Greenhouses Boost Year-round Growing

While greenhouses in TV shows or movies usually set the scene for a tryst or, well, murder, let yours be a haven for growing vegetables in the winter, orchids all year-round or nurturing whatever meets your planting desires.

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Cheese and Wine: Create Perfect Pairings - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Cheese and Wine: Create Perfect Pairings

The most popular cheese in the U.S. is mozzarella. The most popular wine is cabernet sauvignon — do not pair these two. As a semi-soft cheese, mozzarella longs for the acidic taste of pinot grigio, pinot noir or riesling to balance its mild, sweet flavor. Cabernet sauvignon demands a hardier,

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Make dinner parties simple - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

For 4, 8, 10 People or More, Make Dinner Parties Simple

Your upcoming dinner party — which ideally you started planning a month ago — should not be based on experimentation but rather simple tried-and-true foods you are used to making. Use high-quality and seasonal ingredients. Help yourself shine and ensure a good experience for all by planning and cooking delicious-over-impressive

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Lanscape Inspirations - Nothern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Let your Landscape Inspirations Provide Benefits

Are you missing that oasis feel to your front and back yard areas? The vast number of possibilities in design — the radiant range of colors in seasonal or annual plants that treat our eyes and the tree choices that delight us with their sweet perfumes and beauty — are

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Glamping - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Glamp out in these Canvas Castles

While the trend of “glamping,” or glam camping, has been around since the turn of this century, it’s taken off over the last couple of years, as people have sought more nature-based vacations in less-crowded spaces. Couples and families have been flocking to where they can spend a few nights

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Travel Tips - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

List, Roll, Layer: Tips for Easy Traveling

With travel restrictions being lifted, more people than ever will be traveling this spring and summer. So we now have that never-ending travel conundrum … what to pack! To help you out here are a few tips we have learned over the years. Make a list. This is certainly not

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Couples Getaways - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Escape to These Romantic Couples Getaways

Are you looking for an unforgettable couples’ getaway to relax and unwind? Take a look at these five destinations which can offer the perfect combination of romance and luxury! Palm Springs, California If you’re looking to stay reasonably close to home, this desert paradise has everything you’re looking for —

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Carry-on Essentials Ease the Flight - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Long or Short, Carry-on Essentials Ease the Flight

While you may be thrilled to be in Amsterdam, it’s more than a bit irksome that your luggage is still at Paris Orly airport. Makes what you’ve tucked into your backpack or tote all that more important. So clean underwear (preferably a total change of clothing) should be first on

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Float Blissfully - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Float Blissfully Around Beautiful Lands

There’s no kind of vacation quite as luxurious as a charter yacht cruise. You and your party — most typically a dozen or fewer — will be catered to by a top-notch crew who will prepare mouthwatering meals and drinks, keep your cabins impeccable and fulfill your every whim while

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Put your best face forward - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

Put Your Best Face Forward when Flying

You’ve been dreaming for two years about this vacation to a far-off land — once you get past that 9-hour plane ride and the number the parched cabin air and all the germs it circulates will do on your skin. You probably don’t want to spend your first couple of

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