Backyard Bars Bring Ultimate Chill

Do you dream of finding a bar, in the words of the theme song for the classic ‘80s sitcom Cheers, “Where everybody knows your name?”

The easiest way to ensure this is to put one in your backyard. 

Backyard bars can be stand alone or part of an outdoor kitchen, set up next to your house or right in front of that view you paid generously for, and have any kind of theme you’d like. You, your family and friends can enjoy this anytime of year.

Here are just a few of the things you need to create a stylish and inviting outdoor bar and entertaining space:

The floor

The surface on which your bar is built sets the standard and determines the possibilities for what comes above. A wooden deck looks great anywhere, while tile is versatile enough to evoke any style you want. A stone floor is almost indestructible but can be uneven. 

The Bar

These come in innumerable materials, styles, shapes and colors to fit your space and taste. It’s best to go for something compatible with the rest of your backyard’s accoutrements, unless you’re planning to update those as well. Go as large as you need to make an impression without it becoming unwieldy for what you want to use it for. Ample storage is always a huge plus, as well as space for a mini-fridge if you have an outlet within reach. 

the seating

Comfort is Job #1, but you also need to consider how easily seats are mounted and dismounted. If there won’t be any stools at the bar itself, make sure your guests have plenty of options nearby. A bar can be a perfect focal point for your yard’s lounging/dining area. 

the shade

Wherever in Arizona you are it’s a good idea to provide some shade for yourself and your guests, either by putting it on the patio or building a pergola, gazebo, palapa, oversized umbrella or something similar. Misters are a near-necessity in the low deserts.

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