Build your Outdoor Oasis at Home

When you’re looking for a way to truly enjoy your backyard in the summer, whether by yourself or with family and friends, it’s nice when you don’t have to “rough it” — when you don’t have to find a place to stash your food and drink where it won’t get knocked over and pray your phone doesn’t die because there aren’t any USB outlets nearby. 

Real fixes to perfecting your home oasis are out there, but some take time and professional contractors to accomplish and you may not want to wait for a longer- term project to be completed. 

Here are some quicker workarounds to make your open space as entrancing and luxurious as you know it can be. 

Add more outdoor furniture

If the only seating you have out back is foldable, it may not be the most comfortable or inviting. You might want to bring in a full patio table with cushy chairs for meals. If your patio or deck has room, add an outdoor living-room set arranged around a coffee table or other focal point that brings people face-to-face for conversation, games and other unifying activities. 

Movies or video games under the stars

Backyard movie theaters have grown more popular every year and can be purchased as an all-in-one kit with a 9-foot or 16-foot inflatable screen, projectors, high-quality speakers and a Wi-Fi Blu-ray player, plus all the necessary cords. You can also connect your computer or tablet directly to almost any projector, unleashing all of your content and games for your fans to enjoy. 

Carve out a lounge area

If you don’t have the room or desire for full outdoor furniture sets, at least set aside a corner where you and your family can kick back, hopefully in the literal sense. This is where you can set up a couple of outdoor chaise lounges, a hanging rattan chair, a hammock or a romantic porch swing.

Add a waterfall fountain

Nothing quite compares to the sound of a waterfall. You can have one installed as part of your landscaping or plug in a fountain near your patio for the same basic effect. Many are built out of simulated rock or slabs to mimic nature’s extraordinary creations. Others are built from concrete, metal, granite or similar materials, sometimes with a large ball as the focus, and can double as a sculpture. 

Improve your pool

If you have a pool in the backyard, you’re already at least halfway to the oasis! There are many easy ways to upgrade them: Connect a simple waterfall fountain over one of the water return fittings, or set up a larger one designed to sit by and spill into a pool. You can also buy underwater pool seats to create a swim-up bar in no time flat!

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