Create a Luxury Spa at Home

Who doesn’t enjoy spending a couple of hours at a luxurious day spa for some pampering and rejuvenation? Driving to and fro may create more stress to be worked out on the massage table. Plus we don’t always have the time for driving and a massage! 

We need to put the self into self-care by taking full control over how we relax and unwind, the products and towels we use on our skin, and the aromas, music and other sensory input we need for the zen-like experience. 

You can do this by relaxing, converting and adding on some relaxing touches to your current master bathroom or, if you have the space, converting another room or adding on to create a dedicated spa space. Whichever approach you take, the elements you should incorporate are the same: 

Neutral, soothing colors

These are a must for any truly relaxing spa experience and can easily be included in a new space. If your current bathroom is a little too dramatic for this purpose consider new paint and flooring or soften it with beige and pastel towels, bath rugs, smooth stones and other nature-inspired objects.


Every spa needs a place to soak, whether it’s a calming walk-in shower, elegant tub (preferably free-standing), or a small pool, the new standard in deluxe home spas. Whatever wet space you’re working with make sure it’s enhanced with aromas through sprays, essential oils and/or a few lovely plant clippings floating on the top or nestled at the bottom.


A spa room should be built with speakers to keep the music or soothing sounds close and easy to hear, but keep the controls safely away from any water hazards. Waterproof Wi-Fi speakers can accomplish much within a smaller bathroom.


They are nature and serve several functions in the spa environment through purifying the air, encouraging deeper rest and boosting concentration. Many species thrive in a moist spa environment, including dependable favorites like peace lilies, English ivy and heartleaf philodendrons. There are many that will thrive even in windowless bathrooms, including most ferns, lucky bamboo, cast iron plant, Chinese evergreen, Dieffenbachia and baby rubber plants.


Buy all of your favorite spa implements to bring home and try a few you already may have. Dry brushes, hot towels, jade rollers, facial massage tools and most important of all, the robe of your dreams. If you have the space, add a massage table or two for home visits from professionals.


Beauty and relaxation products are the heart and soul of any day spa, so look for only the best-quality lotions and potions that have worked for you, your skin and your hair — moisturizers, facial and hair masks, eye creams or masks, salt scrubs, body wraps and more. Also, find a minimalistic, attractive organizer you can keep an arm’s reach away.

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