Ease into Autumn Skin Care

We are finally seeing the light at the end of the Arizona summer tunnel and its uniquely challenging demands on skin health from potent UV rays. 

Sunscreen is still a critical part of your daily skin care routine as you revamp your product needs for fall and the impending cold, dry air of winter. Here’s what you need to do: 


Many experts suggest switching to heavier skin products in the fall, starting with creamier cleansers that begin sealing your natural oils in against the colder, drier air. If you’re already using a substantial cleanser, you don’t need to go heavier, but if you exfoliate frequently, many advise cutting back for fall and winter. Summer humidity helps protect against the irritation exfoliation causes while winter dryness exacerbates it.


Toners are so customized these days that the best one to use really depends on your skin type, more than the season. In general, if you’re feeling tightness in your skin after cleansing and toning it’s probably too dry and you should be looking for something with a little more balancing power. Make sure it’s going to help your skin absorb all of the products that will be layered on after it.


Vitamin C is the essential ingredient everyone should be looking for any time of year for its hydrating, collagen-building, hyperpigmentation-fighting and sun-damage-preventing qualities. Look for a highly moisturizing, nourishing one with plenty of hyaluronic acid to lock in lost moisture, plump up your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 


As cold air begins to zap the moisture from your skin, a heavier, creamier moisturizer will not just replace the lost moisture but reinforces the skin barrier to keep it from escaping. For the best relief, the driest skin types can really benefit from products you can find on the shelf most anywhere like Vaseline or Aquaphor. Look for such ingredients as niacin, glycerin and ceramides to ensure both of these things happen. And don’t forget about moisturizing eye cream and to always carry sunscreen and lip balm with you. 


Using a moisturizer that contains sunscreen on your face and neck will save you a skin-care step. Don’t forget to apply either the same product or sunscreen to your hands, arms, legs, ears and other places with high exposure including the part in your hair.

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