Integrate Fall Hues Into Your Home

Autumn and its deep, powerful beauty is spreading across the Central Highlands of Arizona, bringing crisper temperatures and a revived appreciation of the word “cozy” and all it represents. 

Everyone with a home in the hills between Flagstaff and the northern edge of the Valley is getting ready to celebrate fall, and the season’s décor and design trends converge on the goal of turning up the luxurious warmth of hearth and home, just enough to start welcoming everyone in for the colder season. 

Deep tones with neutrals and whites

It’s hard to go wrong with neutrals any season, and pairing them with bold autumnal hues that share the same grounding in nature — rich golds, burgundies, olive greens and rusty oranges — bring a renewed sophistication for the season without giving up the warmth you seek. 

You don’t have to give up soothing neutrals, which are especially suited to Northern Arizona, for tying into the surrounding land and forest. Adding fall-toned rugs, pillows, table runners, florals and throws will make it even more of a piece with the outdoors.

Textures everywhere

Layers add complexity and nuance — just think how piling thicker fabrics on top of yourself enhances snugness. Look for super-chunky woven blankets of wool, shimmery sheaths of cashmere and dependable quality cottons. Velvet is going to be particularly on trend. 

You can put texture on your walls too, with specialty textured paint, wallpapers, vinyl siding, Roman clay, limewash or other forms of paint and putty. This brings a homespun detail to any room that will embrace your family year-round but provide a special warmth in fall and winter. 

Use natural materials

Our yearning for nature’s earthy materials is a must any time of year, but perhaps even more so in the fall as the trees grab our attention and inevitably influence our home design.

Rattan’s prominence over the last couple of years is carrying over into the fall, as people can’t get enough of its warm tone and association with the tropics and vacation. It walks the line between classic and contemporary in a way few other materials can and will remain in style for years to come.

Marble, granite, pebbles, branches, feathers, grasses, leaves, flowers and water also have been recruited to make homes feel more flowy, rustic and in tune with the land as the search for sustainable materials continues.

Cheer up your atrium

As the outside chill begins to push more activities inside, the waning sunlight and high ceilings of your atrium may be leaving you cold. Adding rugs, upholstery or design accents in seasonal colors will be all it takes to bring the fun back to this centerpiece of your home. 

Fall is the perfect time to take action if this room is in need of some updating anyway. Maybe there’s room to add a fireplace to make it a truly year-round hub of your home, or you could start the process of adding a small indoor garden, which could reach full bloom by spring.

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