Step Up your Outfits with Chic Accessories

Do you have lots of great outfits from the last couple of years, but need to update them a bit before you trot them out again? 

You can always turn to the world of fashion to find of-the-moment accessories to punch them into fall 2021 and extend their lives for hopefully years to come! 

Bags are big

Big bags are back! No need to go without that extra lipstick or brush, big purses are ready to reemerge on the scene. Slouchy curved hobo bags, totes, shoppers, buckets, messengers — they’re all huge in every sense of the word. 

Boot up

Knee-high, slouchy leather boots are ruling the runways, using classic lines to announce that we’re back on the streets and ready for whatever the world throws at us. The other trendy footwear of the season: platform shoes. These are being offered up as a way to get the extra height we’ve been craving without having to go back to stilettos. 

Bling it

Make it long — chains, pearls and earrings. Drape multiple chains around your neck and waist; any attire, jeans to that LBD, with pearls of all sizes and colors; and let those earrings dangle and shimmer, whether elongated mono or chandelier. Don’t be shy this fall; be magnificently decked.

Aviator sunglasses 

The metal-framed classics are back, especially with gold frames that glisten with the sun and lenses with playful, high-tech colors. Other trends for shades this season include oversized frames, cat-eye lenses, sporty frames with a sleek half-moon look, and slimline rectangles or ovals straight out of the ‘90s. 

Top it off

Wide-brimmed fedoras and other classic forms have dominated the headwear scene, along with big babushka scarves, balaclavas and their cousins the “snoods,” which leave your face uncovered but gives your head a snug, warm fit.

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