Turn the Page with Fall Fashions

Arizonans are known for having their casual Fridays every day of the week in summer, but that sun-blasted season is going to be over before you realize it. It’s time to take a look at the fall collections and see what could be in store for our wardrobes as the cooldown begins.

Tailor made

Sweats and yoga pants are being sent back to the gym as deeply tailored shirts, skirts, pants and jackets/coats return, practically screaming the wearer had to actually go somewhere to purchase and customize the garment, even if you didn’t. Casual has been retired. The new look is all about control and confidence. 

Little black dress

The utility of this color means this wardrobe staple will never go out of style, but designers will forever be fiddling with it, adding fringe, pleats, pulling the hem up or down, putting their own stamp on it for the season. Word has it that this year the emphasis is being put on “little” with form-fitting silhouettes and lots of leg, whatever other details they may be adding. 

Patterns pop

Following a few seasons of toned-down prints and lots of solids, bold patterns are coming back to the fore. Florals are glowing from sleek suits, mystical imagery from blouses and accessories — all peeking out from collaged coats assembled from found pieces of fabric to communicate sustainability and individuality at the same time. 

Sweet, warm sweaters

Many of those vivid patterns will be woven into warm, chunky sweaters appropriate for any ski lodge you may find yourself in; cozy but with an edge. As the chill really sets in, you can wrap it up in a soft puffer coat in an eye-catching color.

Head scarves

These can be simple or sumptuous and offer protection for your hair and skin. It’s a versatile, retro look that takes us back to Grace Kelly, Jackie O and maybe even your dear grandma. These come in more colors and prints than you could begin to count. They’re on the runway again this season, adding a timeless quality to any outfit.

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