Chemical Peels Reveal the Real You

Of all the beauty treatments out there, chemical peels have been around longer than almost anything else — the ancient Egyptians would use lactic acid-containing sour milk, along with animal oils and alabaster.

Ever since, techniques to remove the top layer of dead skin cells to regenerate your skin have been refined to the point where they’re one of the safest, fastest routes to having near-perfect skin.

Depending on the depth of the procedure, peels can erase or reduce wrinkles and fine lines, acne and acne scars, dryness, age spots and melasma and some precancerous growths. Light-to-medium peels performed by qualified estheticians are available in salons and spas throughout Northern Arizona and can address most imperfections, especially with repeated treatments.

Dermatologists also administer these as well as deep peels, which penetrate the lower dermal layer and require sedation and heart monitoring. Practitioners often suggest products to use or avoid for up to two weeks before the procedure.

Light and medium peels do produce initial redness and make skin more vulnerable to sun damage, so you may need to use sunscreen with a higher SPF than usual. This period usually lasts for a week at most for superficial peels, with the final results appearing quickly.

Home chemical peels also are easy to buy online and in some stores; the chemicals are weaker so they may have to be done more often to see results, but usually don’t involve any downtime. Most of them are superficial peels, and any that are labeled as a “medium” peel should be approached cautiously, if used at all.

Chemical peels can:

Smooth Skin

Removal of the rigid layers of old skin removes unwanted ridges and textures, and the new skin underneath can be irresistibly smooth.

Increase Absorption of Skin Products

When the outer layer of dead skin is removed, the new skin underneath is like a sponge for all the cleansers, moisturizers, serums and other products you’re using. Nutrients spread out and penetrate all that new collagen that’s being formed, leading to brighter skin that multiplies all the other effects of the peel.

Minimize Effects of Sun Damage

Peels reduce the intensity of hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure over the years, as well as fine lines and wrinkles that are part of the premature aging process caused by UV radiation. People of color may face a higher risk of developing hyperpigmentation after a chemical peel so it’s a good idea to look for a provider with experience doing peels on darker skin tones.

Remove or Eliminate Acne

Salicylic acid and Jessner’s peels are designed to penetrate pores, where the acid can remain a presence and avert future clogging, while breaking up blackheads and softening any scarring. They can also gloss over pitted acne scars with a highly concentrated acid while using a weaker solution on the rest of the face to reduce the contrast.

Lessen or Eliminate Under-Eye Circles

Newer peel systems have been developed to safely deliver solutions containing TCA and lactic acid to hereditary undereye circles, reducing or eliminating the pigmentation, though it may take a few sessions to see dramatic change.

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