Colors & Fabrics Can Bring the Cozy to Any Room

As Northern Arizona’s weather cools off and the holidays appear on the horizon, we crave the warmth and intimacy of cozy rooms. They welcome us, sustain us and bring families and friends together to celebrate and reconnect.

Some spaces may not be designed or expected to have that kind of sweetness; they may seem too large and open, too modern or outdated, too formal or industrial. But they’re yours, and you don’t want to be anywhere else.

Here are some approaches you can take to infuse any room with a homey atmosphere.

Use Deep (But Not Dark) Colors

Rich browns, warm grays, vibrant reds and chill blues on walls, rugs and furniture have the opposite effect of whites and neutrals — they shrink a room. Think about using vivid but soft shades of purple, green or gold for accent walls, furniture or accessories.

Layer on the Luxury

Use lots of pillows and throws with fabrics that embrace. Cashmere, rich quilts, fleece, faux furs, linens and very soft wools put cocooning and relaxing on everybody’s mind. And don’t forget rugs for tile or concrete floors!

Use a Soft Touch for Living Rooms

Keep chairs and sofas overstuffed or at least comfortable, upholstered with chenille or cotton weaves. It’s hard to go wrong with velvet, and natural leather is perfect for recliners. Find an oversized ottoman that can double as your coffee table — isn’t that really what we use it for anyway?

Sleep in Serenity

For bedrooms, pick up some oversized, upholstered headboards or see if a canopy bed will provide the sheltered, restful ambiance that will help you get your seven to eight hours in every night. Use layers of comforters and sheets so they can be added or removed as needed.

Make your Kitchen Magnetic

Make sure the island or table has comfortable seating. Make your coffee/tea brewing station distinct and accessible, use wooden and wicker accessories to enhance a natural look, and calibrate the lighting to set the ambiance while still being functional.

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