Follow your Senses in Home Decorating

by Linda Hughes, Owner, SugarPine & Lantana Design Studio

My favorite time of year, fall and winter, brings with it the fragrances of baked goods, the beautiful warm colors of falling leaves and snowy scenes, and the gathering of friends and family.

Just as you have incorporated outdoor areas as extended living spaces during the warm weather, you should bring the outdoors into your warm living areas during colder months.

Follow your senses and consider:


Bowls of found objects such as pinecones, branches placed in oversized baskets, antler sheds, unique natural found objects used as centerpieces.


Fall and winter florals from your favorite florist, gourds, twigs, winter bulbs, potted pine twinkling trees.


The sound of melodies from the past, a fire in the fireplace, the sound of laughter among kindred spirits.


Gourmet treats from a local mercantile, Yavapai County farm-fresh goods baking in your oven, locally crafted spirits and mixers of Arizona origin.


Oversized wall art, textured pillows, permanent botanicals in unique vessels, scented candles, serving dishes accented by pewter foliage, floor rugs that bring in the colors of nature.

Your entry is the most important way to create a lasting memory for your guests when entertaining for the holidays — try large lanterns with lifelike flickering candles, an outdoor entry rug, beautiful exterior lighting, seasonal florals. Or try one-of-a-kind décor; an antique goat cart filled with gourds, dried florals and a hay bale was a client favorite and easily transformed into a gift cart under the Christmas tree.

There’s magic to rotating art throughout the year. Even if it only means changing it up twice fall/winter and spring/summer, the variety it brings to your décor allows for a refreshed look.

Permanent botanicals come in amazing likenesses of the real thing and are a simple way to bring in the colors and changing landscape of the outdoors.

Carefully selected higher-quality goods can be more costly but will always remain classic. When shopping remember that what speaks to you, has meaning to you and brings you joy is your new classic piece. Never feel reluctant to ask a designer for help.

Luxury living to me is defined by my hometown of Prescott, the friendly residents, the hardworking small business owners who contribute to our well-being, and the overall sense that we as a community are right where we belong.

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