For an Enchanting Vacation, Stay at a Luxury Resort

With all the vacation rental options now available to travelers, luxury resorts face more competition than ever for well-off travelers.

However, high-end hotels and resorts not only have a history of providing superlative service and amenities to their guests, they are meeting the challenges they face with ever more points of interest, activities, facilities and attention to detail.

Sedona’s Enchantment Resort, featured on our inaugural issue’s cover, is emblematic of how this trend is being carried out in Northern Arizona. It has opened an activity and adventure center to augment its magical setting in Boynton Canyon, recently refreshed suites and casitas and delivers an array of dining and spa experiences. There’s also exclusive golf course access.

The advantages of staying at any luxury resort are immense, and they are growing with increased customization and attention to detail:

First-rate Customer Service

Luxury resort staff are trained to provide the pinnacle of hospitality through quick response and anticipating guests’ needs, leaving them feeling pampered and worry-free. Enchantment Resort’s workforce includes housekeeping and culinary professionals, 18 expert trail guides, youth activity leaders for its Camp Coyote program and masseuses and other spa professionals.

Luxurious Rooms

Resort rooms are renowned for their quality of their mattresses and linens, as well as the thoroughness of their housekeeping staff. Their décor is often inspired by the surrounding environment and depending on size, can be furnished with plush lounges, spacious desks and tables and bathrooms with freestanding tubs, steam showers and panoramic views.


Led by Executive Chef Laurent Elmerich, Enchantment’s culinary team delivers the flavors of the Southwest region with locally sourced ingredients. The resort offers two contemporary dining concepts, Che Ah Chi and Tii Gavo.


Resorts are often built in secluded locations and generally have 24-hour onsite security from personnel as well as surveillance cameras, safe deposit boxes and/or in-room safes, key cards, high-quality smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers.


These can include anything from a pool to a spa to golf to activity centers and more. Enchantment Resort’s pool is spectacular and its spa first-rate. Guests have exclusive access to the 7 Canyons golf club minutes away. Its 4,000-square-foot Trail House serves as a gathering point for guests embarking on guided hiking or mountain biking excursions, a bike shop and an in-depth interpretive center to Boynton Canyon and the Sedona area’s 400-mile network of trails. All its guests have ride-in, ride-out access to these trails.


The things you don’t find at every resort, which makes them even more special when you do. Enchantment’s goodies include complimentary three-hour excursions in luxury Volvos, more than 100 outdoor activities per week, family adventure packages, art classes for adults, tennis and pickleball courts, stunning meeting and event spaces, vortex lectures and guided prayer arrow experiences.

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