It’s Time to Splurge on your Home Office

Maybe you’ve put off really investing in your home office because you weren’t certain how long you might need it. Or you could be moving to a new home, ideally one you’re having built to meet your needs and wants.

Either way, there’s no better time to rethink that space with an eye to your own comfort and tastes. A home office is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t furnish it like one with a high-quality desk and ergonomic chair, attractive yet functional storage, additional seating for family or business visitors and an aesthetic that’s calming but invigorates you when you need it to.


The environment should be whatever it takes to boost your productivity, which usually means a quiet corner insulated from the clatter and chatter from the kitchen and living room. But you can get creative if you need to — if you really never use the formal living room, it’s fair game! If you’re not able to secure a separate room, at least find a secluded corner or create one with a room divider.


If you’re remodeling or building fresh, bring as much natural light in as you can, and try to incorporate some access to the yard so you can take outdoor breaks as often as possible. Include as much room as you can for clients or collaborators to sit if you’re expecting to invite them over. If not, you may want to keep it on the smaller side to avoid it becoming another family hangout. Choose a theme and color scheme you’ll want to spend some time in, whether that means wood paneling, Old World class, minimalism or maximalism.


Consider how large a work surface you’ll need — a little extra adds to a spacious feel, but too much of it is just inviting clutter. The classic executive desk makes it easy to keep everything at your fingertips, which is a form of luxury. But movement throughout the day is also important, so you might look at a standing or adjustable desk to keep you on your feet. A double-sided desk is ideal if you’re expecting to do a lot of collaborative work.


We’re all aspiring, or should be, to the paperless office without huge file cabinets, but there will always be some paper, as in: always be some paper we will need or want to hold onto. Select a couple of storage options that blend with your décor, and don’t just keep buying more of them — set a cap on the space you’ll hand over to paperwork.


This may be the place you’ve been looking for to put your modern art collection or the best of your own photos taken over the years. Try to find room for a little bit of sculpture and pottery as well if you have favorite pieces. Try to keep your art cohesive in style or color, but don’t be afraid to play around the edges to include pieces that inspire you to be creative and resourceful.

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