Luxury Game Rooms Fun for Everyone

If you really want to make your home a spectacular place for your family and friends, one of the most fun ways to do it is to have a spacious game room.

It can be its own enclosed room or complete a large living room, home theater or patio, or even be the secondary (or primary) use for your dining room with a convertible table and some creativity.

It should have at least one table but can also have a putting green, basketball hoop, bowling lane or other unexpected flourishes. It can include huge screens to watch sports and play video games or none at all for a lower-tech, focused atmosphere.

In short, you can do just about anything with a game room, depending on the age and preferences of those who will be using it:

Family friendly

If the game room is primarily a kid and family space you can install a slide or swing or set aside a corner for them if they’re sharing it with you and your friends. Having a multigenerational space could affect decisions like whether you want to include a bar.


A full-size billiards table is the traditional anchor for an adult game room, but they’re bulky and hard to maintain so if you don’t have a need for one that just leaves more room for a large, comfortable board/card game table, foosball, air hockey, table tennis, old-school arcade video games, even musical instruments or a craft table.


To amp up the luxury, use darker colors and soften the walls with wall treatments like drapery — which can also cover up things like a water heater or laundry room that might be just off the room in question.


You need to have good lighting directly over your playing surfaces, but it can be softer around the rest of the room. This can create a casino-like effect in the space, which may be exactly what you’re looking for.


You’ll want to keep all your games organized and readily accessible in cabinets or on shelves and bookcases so they can be pulled out and unfurled at a moment’s notice before the mood passes.

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