Luxury Kitchen Design Brings People Together

When designing a high-end kitchen the quality and opulence of the materials establish up front that this isn’t an ordinary kitchen. Still it has some “ordinary space” functions to accomplish.

Appliances need to function for food preparation and storage; counters and islands should provide adequate space for chopping, mixing, brewing coffee and all the other jobs that don’t fit on the stove or in the oven.

But most of all, they should invite everybody in the immediate vicinity to drop in and help make a salad, have a glass of water or wine, catch up with whoever’s cooking and find their place in spectacular, yet comfortable, surroundings.

This lovely kitchen inside an estate home uses windows to bring in that irreplaceable natural light and a view of the well-tended landscaping outside. The aquatic blues surrounding the white highlights within this traditionally styled home extend the airy feeling coming in from the windows, while the massive granite island states this is a room where everyone can get in on the action, whether it involves cooking or socializing. It also has enough room for seating around it to double as a family breakfast or lunch spot.

Ample drawer space throughout the kitchen reduces the need for hanging cabinets, opening up the room while making supplies more accessible for the family and anyone else coming in to help. The calming color scheme is beautiful on its own and even more so when set off with a vase of vibrant flowers. Two sinks, tasteful placement of the microwave and a top-of-the-line refrigerator with a reach-in compartment for fresh produce (not shown) complete the inviting mood of this splendid kitchen.

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