Shop These Jewelry Trends for Fun (and Potential Profit)

As 2021 comes to a close, jewelry trends are leaning toward the nostalgically bold, brassy and cheerful, even drawing inspiration from the beads and charms of the friendship bracelets from our youth.

If you’ve grown up to the point of preferring the quality and value of fine jewelry, don’t despair — there are many other trends that mesh perfectly with pure metals and dazzling gems that hold onto their beauty for decades so you can enjoy them and gift then down the family line or perhaps resell them.

Chunky Gold Chains

Delicate strands have been stylish for several years, but now we’re looking for major links that cater to our thing for bling, whether they’re extravagant choker necklaces or layered over our necks, or even our waist like a belt.


There’s nothing old-fashioned about these classic beads, whether they stand on their own, in line with a string of differently-sized compatriots or mounted in a modern design that creates an elegant new dynamic.


One way to get those slimmer, shimmery gold necklaces back into rotation is to add a pendant to make it pop. It doesn’t need to be big, but does need to add a little personality, whether it’s one of your initials, a stylized coin, a spiritual symbol or a dazzling gem or diamond.

Statement Earrings

Your ears are your canvas as you add danglers and cuffs to make them stand out from the crowd. Hoops, fringe, mesh, florals, beads, diamonds, pearls and gems are all fair game to become part of your language.

Statement Rings

Just like the chunky gold chains and the statement earrings, glitzy, knobby rings are showing up everywhere again, either solo or stacked. Bigger is usually better, but a slimmer circle studded with diamonds will do the job just fine.

If the financial appreciation of your jewelry is at least as important to you as aesthetic appreciation, be prepared to do some research to verify if the piece you’re interested in is 100% gold, platinum or silver, that any diamonds and gemstones are of high quality and consider other factors that could affect its value.

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