Try Summery Colors to Light up Winter at Home

It may be winter, but there’s no law that says we have to decorate our homes with traditionally wintry palettes of icy blues and whites, muted neutrals or holiday reds and greens that’ll be outdated by New Year’s Eve.

Instead, you can be ahead of the curve and douse your décor with summery shades. Here are just a few to consider:


The color of summer and one of Pantone’s colors of the year, this relentlessly optimistic tone catches the mind along with the eye and inspires you to think outside of any boxes you find yourself in.

Yellows get noticed wherever you put them. An unexpected lemony or golden hue on a rug elevates the entire room, while limiting it to artwork and accessories gives the eye a place to rest as it scans a neutral-hued room. When used judiciously, an accent wall or portion of one in a folksy dandelion shade can be a rousing success.


Already growing in popularity along with the ever-increasing emphasis on sustainable living, greens from dark to light signify life and nature, bringing them ever deeper into your living space.

Luxurious emerald hues bring depth to any room and can be introduced via a couple of lamp bases or slathered across a velvety chaise lounge. Mints and sages bring a lighter touch and amplify a room’s space and light. Consider being daring with lime green.


It’s the color of the sky, the lake and has an echo of beachy and nautical themes blowing in from the coast. It brings tranquility.

A cerulean blue sofa can be the perfect airy contrast to a neutral-themed living room to keep things light and spacious. Turquoise accents convey a warmth and connection to our Southwest heritage, while sky blue ceilings can be a dramatic and effective touch in rooms opening out to the back or front yard.

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