Reclaim your Vigor

In the strictest definition of the word “rejuvenate,” it means to make young or youthful again. You can rejuvenate a car, for instance. You can rejuvenate your skin, your body, your health.

In the larger sense, though, of rejuvenating your life, you may be seeking a renewed vigor, an ability to drop kick the bad stuff, bring yourself back to center.

The most successful people know that without relaxation and rejuvenation, stress grows and productivity decreases. To get to your peak performance and avoid burnout practice rejuvenation daily.

In that regard, we’ve curated a few suggestions from others that can refresh, recharge, restore, revitalize and even perhaps resuscitate your life.

Take a break by finding time for yourself, if only stepping away from something at work or home to clear your mind. Sit on a bench, walk around the block. 

Get away by taking a day off or taking a mini vacay. If you’re not alone, think ahead and plan so you can keep the atmosphere as free of conflict as possible.

Self-care yourself through morning and evening rituals — be it exercising, meditating, reading, writing or saying affirmations.

Connect with friends because they are great at distracting you and helping you forget your stress. They’re on your side no matter how you are feeling.

Pamper yourself with a long hot bath (bath bombs and essential oils are your go-to add-on) or a day at the spa. Candles and music go a long way in soothing the savage soul.

Stop and reassess your life to figure out what’s making you unhappy and do something about it. Baby steps are fine; it’s about forward progress.

Laughing is healing, so do it. Engage others to join you.

Practice compassion and help others. This helps both you and the other party.

Rein in multitasking by turning off technology when eating meals. Stop for a moment; learn to say “no.”

Embrace nature because studies show it improves one’s mental health. 

Drink plenty of water — all the experts in all fields seem to give this advice.

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