Renewed Home & Renewed You

As a new year sweeps into our lives, many people find it a perfect time to learn new habits, develop new routines and adopt new attitudes. One of the keys to help these changes stick can be tweaking your home’s décor and layout so it can nourish your soul and spur you to thrive with your new outlook. 


You probably have at least an idea of which quotes motivate you and others in your family, which colors spark your imagination and which images light a fire under your seat to go to your spin class or art class.

Check in with yourself and your housemates to verify what helps everyone get their acts together and proceed with positivity into 2022. 

If you’re looking for ideas, consider light neutrals or cooler shades of green and blue to create a soothing home to wake up in and come home to, with a contrasting wall or decorative pieces in a more vivid color to recharge your energy.


Everybody should have a special space they’re able to retreat to for a few moments with a good book or half an hour of meditation and calm. It should be filled with materials, textures and aromas the user will find luxurious and inviting and preferably a ray of natural light for both literal and figurative illumination. 

There’s no required use for this corner of your world other than for relaxation and rejuvenation. Listen to guided meditations, read spiritual texts, practice your knitting or study a subject you find interesting and challenging. This should be a phone- and screen-free zone, if possible. 


De-cluttering a home can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. Just start by throwing anything out that doesn’t make you happy or weighs you down. Yes, this is the KonMari method, but if it makes it easier you can approach it from the opposite of the “spark joy” question — is this object linked in any way to a disappointment or negative experience?

Is it the “bronze” medal from a competition where you should have won gold? Pitch it! 


Choose elements of nature that match your style and sensibility. A rugged stone wall can have endless appeal for a hiker or rock climber, while others want luxurious marble counters or a reclaimed wood table for the added benefit of sustainability.


Don’t forget about that dark spare room or dated bathroom you tend to avoid because there’s just isn’t anything drawing you in — that space will still weigh on you as an unfinished task and a barrier to full enjoyment of your home. 

Try using some reflective surfaces to boost that room’s natural lighting or refurbishing the shower to add a more spa-like vibe.

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