How to Make a Timely Impression

So many things make the man. But let’s zero in on their luxury side.

Arbiters of high fashion say the businessman needs to show what he’s made of before ever uttering a word. To do this, he must have an opulent timepiece, a designer wallet, just-so cufflinks and the perfect pen.

These luxurious tools can take him from that first-impression handshake to dancing with the boss’s daughter at the grand gala to tipping the doorman to signing his name. Others will see that details, elegance and quality mean something to him.

If life is still more Zoom meetings than elevator pitches, the clever guy will find a way to subtly put that watch, cufflink or pen in the viewing screen. Maybe even the wallet.

For wallets, think slim line to eliminate pocket bulge. Montblanc is a brand that comes to mind, as it does when speaking of impeccable pens. Here consider the fountain pen — the writing tool of the ages. A weighty feel of an instrument for weighty matters.

As for cufflinks, head to Cartier and then match them up with a dress shirt and tuxedo for a powerfully irresistible look. 

Beyond the wallet perhaps, the bonus to any cost in these luxury items can come in the form or investment and/or future heirlooms.

Let’s talk watches. Your smartphone just can’t compare to the statement of a Cartier, Rolex or Patek Philippe timepiece. It’s a thing for athletes, movie stars, millionaires and billionaires, and royals to wear and collect watches whether pilot, dive, field or dress watches. 

Just for fun — a Cartier watch can cost between $2,740 and $212,000; a Rolex goes from $5,000 to $650,000 plus; and Patek Philippe’s are priced from $15,000 to $1 million plus.

The Patek Philippe 1518 in stainless steel collector’s watch, released in 1941, is $11 million. The collector’s Rolex Daytona 6263 Oyster Albino, released in 1971, goes for $4 million.

Take a breath, as needed, stylish watches on SenseOrient are priced less than $1,000.

Once you’ve got the big four figured out, here are four other luxury items to consider:

  • Dress boots — Offering style, durability and versatility, these are worth the price.
  • Quality cashmere sweater — Especially appreciated in our neck of the woods. 
  • A signature scent — Good ones can be expensive. Check out the oils within. 
  • A luxury mattress — This is a choice for good health.

 Last, but certainly not least, you need a good tool chest for your time out of the office. We’re not talking plastic or steel here. Oh no; we’re thinking a pear or walnut wood Swiss-made tool cabinet from Wood and Luxury by Stefan Senn. 

This tool case offers a triptych construction with centerpiece and two unfolded wings. It is equipped with tools from Switzerland, Germany and Japan. It goes for around $50,000.

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