Make Every Day Easy with Coffee/Tea Station

If making coffee and/or tea is part of your daily routine, and we know that covers a whole lot of you, we highly recommend making this part of your life much simpler by bringing all of your implements and supplies together — in your kitchen or as close as you can get to it. 

Making these beverages is something that shouldn’t take up much of your valuable time, so find the right machinery to create that hot cuppa whatever you please, keep your powder, beans and leaves dry in airtight containers and store your cups, add-ons and stirrers in whatever orderly fashion makes you smile! 


A section of your counter with adequate cabinet space above and below is usually the ideal option, but if it’s not doable you can have lots of fun finding a vintage cabinet or chest to set up in the kitchen or dining room to house your coffee station, or a sleek cart if you’re looking for portability.


Whatever your favorite warm beverage happens to be there’s going to be some heating involved, whether it’s by placing a kettle on a stove or switching on the super-automatic grinding/brewing/frothing coffee/espresso/tea machine for which you paid thousands. 

Your preference will probably depend on how important the process of making your drink is to you. Many people find it a soothing, meditative ritual and aren’t looking for automation; placing your kettle, filters, grinders and caffeine sources near the stove or microwave may be all you need to do. 

Those who want their daily jolts served ASAP with minimal fuss have a lot of options to sift through that fall into two basic categories: countertop appliances, many of which lend awesome industrial-goth vibes to kitchen décor, or built-in machines that conceal all those levers and the machines they operate in a cabinet for a minimalist look. 


Keep all your coffee beans, tea leaves and their derivatives in sealed, labeled containers for the highest quality and convenience. Both tea and coffee last the longest when stored in cool, dry, dark spaces like a drawer, cabinet or pantry, but can be stored in darker counter spaces when they’re in opaque containers. If you have larger quantities of either try keeping most of it in the pantry and storing a week’s worth or so at your drink station. 


A row of white cups lined up on a dedicated shelf over your machines can be very calming and consistent, while mugs of all shapes and sizes has the opposite effect by energizing the entire space. In lieu of hiding them in a cupboard you can install hooks to hang them on or find a graceful mug tree or two. 


Keep strainers, coffee spoons, stirrers, infusers and other miscellany together in your prettiest mug, tin or basket. Put frequently used sweeteners, spices, lemons and other flavor enhancers in their own basket or, when it comes to perishables, in a nearby refrigerator, either your primary full-sized one or, better yet, a mini fridge tucked underneath the counter for milk and creamer, whipped cream and other delights!

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