Organizing your Wardrobe Makes Clothes New Again

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique

As a new year sets in, many of us made resolutions on how we will be better, kinder, healthier, and high on that list is to be more organized!

One of the areas many of us need help in is organizing our wardrobe. With some creativity and inspiration you can take what you already have in your closet and make those items new again. 

Purge your closet

The first step to revamping your wardrobe is to get rid of anything and everything you no longer need. Everyone has some pieces of clothing they keep going back to; others just lie in the closet waiting to be worn someday. 

We convince ourselves that day will come when in reality we are very aware it won’t. Take everything that doesn’t fit to a resale shop or donate it. If something needs alterations, invest in a good seamstress.

This provides space for what you truly love and actually will wear. 

Invest in staples 

An important step in revamping your wardrobe is to rethink your choice of clothes. Sometimes we get carried away and purchase items that are trendy at the moment but do not stand the test of time. We fall victim to these purchases because they are inexpensive and perceived as a “good buy.”

If you truly want to up your fashion game, abstain from this practice. Look for staple pieces. These are clothes that have a timeless value because of color or style. Think of the perfect white T-shirt, well-fitting denim, a cashmere sweater and a coat that you love.

Invest in items that have longevity, are effortless and will work hard for you season after season. 

Use your accessories

Accessories change the look of your wardrobe staples by adding color, a theme or simply wearing your clothing in new ways. Handbags, scarves and jewelry are a girl’s best friend to add interest to your outfit!

Learn about all the different ways you can use a scarf. Don’t just tie one around your neck — use a longer scarf as a belt or a sarong. Take a shorter scarf and use it as a hair accessory or even wear it on your wrist. 

Rethinking and reusing what we already have is a great way to start the new year! Add a few items from one of your favorite local boutiques and you are ready to face 2022 in style.

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