Plan your Landscape This Winter

by Josh Crothers, Owner, Prescott Landscape Professionals

As we settle into the winter months in the Central Highlands, it’s the perfect time to plan ahead and make changes to your landscape. 

How about replacing overgrown shrubs and trees or adding a new water feature? Maybe you’ve been thinking about new pavers for an old concrete patio? It’s never too early to have professional landscapers come and help you with your vision for a yard that fits your home and lifestyle.

I tell people that the perception that landscapers don’t work too hard during the winter months isn’t true. We’re busy helping clients with clean-up, winter pruning and planning for the warm months ahead.

It’s the perfect time to redesign your yard and plant new trees.  

Winter is also a time to check in on the health of your trees and plants around your yard. When your trees go dormant, particularly evergreens, it’s also a great time to prune them so they’re lush and blooming in the spring. 

Landscapers will tell you the best way to stimulate a plant to grow is to cut it back — and sometimes way back. Fruit trees in particular thrive on being pruned and eliminating the upright shoots. If you wait until spring, you may cause excessive loss of sap and it can lower fruit yields. 

Pruning can be tricky, so it’s best to hire the experts so your landscape will be alive and well this spring!

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