Serenity Now: Open your Home to the Palette of 2022

We’ve been spending a lot of our time focused on the comfort of our homes over the past couple of years, and that’s been reflected in our soothing choices in paint colors, furniture, décor and amenities as we’ve been adapting our luxury homes to the trend.

Moving into 2022 we’re still likely to spend more time at home with the prospect of continued remote work and high-tech home entertainment options continuing to dominate much of our free time.

As a result, the home colors rising to the top of 2022’s trends still lean toward the serene and soothing but also look to infuse new energy into our sumptuous habitats:


After lurking just below No. 1 for the last couple of years, this color bound up with nature and our planet is finally popping at the top of this year’s color trend lists, especially gray-green shades that can serve as versatile neutrals while adding some life-giving verve and elegance.

Light sages, brighter avocados (not like those in vogue in the 1970s) and mints are stunning either as the primary wall color or as a statement tint on the door or trim, inside or outside.


The sunny side of nature has also has been making a splash in the world of interior design lately as a well-deserved shortcut to waking up and approaching the day with an optimistic outlook. Once derided as dated and too over-the-top, today’s light and sunny hues set the ideal mood for capturing the freshness of the outdoors within your walls.

Citron, sunflower and buttery tints will brighten up any room while chartreuse, which is more saturated with stronger hints of green, may lend itself more to accentuating trim or furnishings. Those who really like it find it electrifying.


The color of the sky and sea is still nestled in our hearts as a balm for the ruggedness of daily life and another way to bring the alfresco world indoors. Subtle yet saturated blues bring the feel of a soft breeze when you step into your living room or bedroom, signaling it’s time to let the stresses of the day float away.

Azures, cornflowers, sky and baby blues are the shades that come closest to creating this airy feel, with light teals also a good choice to bring a beachier groove.


Aubergine, about the deepest purple you can get, is also getting a lot of shoutouts from 2022 as the moody, luxurious contrast to the lighter shades being embraced. Perhaps better known here by its less elegant-sounding American English translation of “eggplant,” it brings a much richer accent than basic black to most rooms.

Aubergine is having a particular moment with bedrooms to envelop users in elegance and a molten warmth that can be enjoyed with or without the lights on.

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