Space + Personality = Extravagance in Luxury Closets

You’re known for buying the finest-looking, highest-quality clothing available for yourself. You love looking at them in the store’s dressing room mirror and when you get ready for a night on the town, but otherwise you don’t get to see them very often if your closet looks like most.

Shirts, blouses, sweaters, slacks, dresses, skirts, jeans, ties, handbags and shoes are packed together cheek by jowl, and it’s next to impossible to find what you need in less than 3 minutes.

It’s dark and dreary in there and containing little of the excitement and accomplishment you feel when shopping for and maintaining your wardrobe.

A luxury closet is more than a place to store your clothes — it’s a haven, a space where you can be yourself in the apparel that has become such an integral part of your image and interaction with the world.

It should be a place where you can do your self-care rituals in the morning and wind down after a long day.

Luxury closets should have a seating area, not just for practical reasons like putting on your shoes and shaving in front of a mirror but for relaxation and recharge. Put in a reading nook/meditation corner, TV screen or both if that’s what your lifestyle is looking for.

And, oh yes, the clothes! They should be artfully arranged around your “me” space, displayed in relatively small, user-friendly groups of like garments, making is easy to unearth the treasures you seek to wear for that formal dinner party, casual game night or long-anticipated wedding in your future.

Using the best cabinetry and hangers to protect and display your fashions is of utmost importance when creating a luxury closet you can be proud of. Incorporating the best hardwood, custom-made wardrobes with detailed molding is a statement that you and your outfits are worth the investment you’re making.

The elements of a true luxury closet always come together with a huge dollop of personalization — the presentation, the lighting, the décor and the emphasis are all up to you. You can put your shoes front and center or your suits or wherever you start when assembling your ensemble in the morning. It’s all about where your bliss is.

That said, there are some generalities found in the differences between women’s and men’s closets, whether they share a space or have separate closets:


  • Ample shoe storage
  • Vanity with mirror
  • Full-length hanging areas for dresses
  • Three-way mirror
  • Lighter colors
  • Handbag storage


  • Lots of dark wood
  • Tie and belt racks
  • Plenty of half-length hanging areas for suits
  • Wristwatch and cuff link tray
  • Gadget and tech tray
  • Drawers for folded shirts

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