Spark Big Joy & Luck in your Home with Crystal Decor

Watching light glint off a small crystal pendant hung around your neck or channeling light through a slice of geode to turn it into a dazzling art display isn’t enough for many luxury homeowners and designers anymore — not when there are crystal thrones, chairs, coffee tables, vanities, headboards, fountains, chandeliers and more to buy.

These strong, elegant pieces feature natural crystals, many believed to have healing or protective properties. They’re carved from geodes, cut to form tabletops, hung from dramatic light fixtures, chiseled into desks and ottomans, used to accent the legs of sofas and chairs or mounted as brilliant sculptures and settings that can go anywhere in the home.

You can even find giant angel wings for you and your loved ones to stand between.

Whether you’re a devotee of crystals for revival and safeguarding or love their earth-borne yet out-of-this world aesthetic, there’s an astounding array of choices for your home from the high-end shops of Sedona to businesses around the globe.

As for which healing properties to seek for your home and life, it all depends on what you need more of in your life. Here are a few of the most popular crystals and the properties attached to them:

  • Amethyst — This violet crystal brings healing and purity, eliminates negative thoughts and promotes humility, wisdom and sincerity. Also believed to promote sobriety and ease insomnia.
  • Agate — Coming in a rainbow of colors and patterns that hold slightly different properties, as a rule these stones promote healing and grounding.
  • Citrine — This yellow-orange mineral encourages optimism, childlike wonder, motivation, warmth and clarity of mind while banishing negative thinking. Also promotes mindfulness and creativity.
  • Rose quartz — Its pinkish glow gives and attracts love, brings trust and harmony back to relationships and restores connections with others, while also promoting self-regard and self-care.
  • Tourmaline — Most often found in black but also found in other hues, tourmaline balances the left and right sides of the brain and can help you understand yourself and others. It is said to help treat paranoia and dyslexia.

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