What is Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening?

by Roxie Reece, Owner & Licensed Aesthetician Plasma Specialist, Studio ROX

Are you looking to remove loose saggy skin, rewind the visible signs of aging and remove/diminish fine lines and wrinkles without the pain of invasive high cost treatments?

Plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatments (also known as “soft surgery”) are a non-invasive, no-contact and painless procedure using the top of the line approved Plasma Pen device. This device delivers skin resurfacing, tightening and rejuvenation results that last for years.

Why this treatment?

With plasma fibroblast skin tightening there are no incisions, injections, stitches or general anesthetics involved. The results are instant, and the risks and downtime are minimal.

How this skin tightening treatment works?

In this instance, plasma is a state of matter called nitrogen. Nitrogen plasma energy is channeled through the tiny tip at the end of the plasma device. This energy transfers to the skin’s epidermal layer, where it also creates heat and tiny micro traumas that stimulate skin’s deeper dermal structure where the fibroblasts exist.

This micro-trauma affects the superficial epidermis, as well as a deeper zone within the dermis — particularly the fibroblasts. The job of fibroblasts is to simply communicate with and stimulate the building of collagen.

What is the science behind the Plasma Pen technology?

The special fractional and permeating tips of the Plasma Pen work to evenly distribute plasma at a lower temperature over a wider area; while the pen nano-probes deliver concentrated nitrogen plasma gas non-invasively to the epidermal layer of the skin. The results are almost instant, and in many cases will last up to 5-10 years or more.

What is your treatment day?

This is a same-day procedure with topical numbing. Each client receives a custom pattern of dot formations unique to their personal goal. Each dot addresses both the loose sagging skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment can address upper eyelid lift, under eye lift, jowl lift, neck lift, eyebrow lift, full mouth and lip flip, removal of moles, skin tags stretch marks, acne scars, texturing, creping skin and more.

The average session can take anywhere from three to five hours including numbing time. Plasma skin tightening is a painless procedure comparable to that of healing a mild sunburn.

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