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Bring Home the Best of Casino Luxury

Is your happy place a swanky casino? Then go ahead and bring it home with you!

Casino rooms are becoming one of the most sought-after recreational rooms in luxury homes, and with the legalization of online sports books in Arizona you can do more than ever with them. Your family and friends can now gather in the safety and comfort of your own home to play against the house, the opposing team and each other. When you add a casino room to your home you can furnish it however you want — you can create a Disneyland theme or imagine a casino on Mars — but there are classical casino touches that are going to get most people into high-roller mode the fastest.

These are some of the design elements that will get you in line with the world’s most luxurious gambling meccas, no matter what the stakes.

• The bar — This is even more important than any casino game-specific furnishings because it makes the room more than a typical home game room. It keeps the beverages, adult and otherwise, nearby and sets up formal service for participants, no matter who the server happens to be.

• Game tables — Poker tables are the most ubiquitous and flexible of game tables, but that wheel on a roulette table makes a high-end, eyecatching centerpiece. You might want to try a portable gaming tabletop that offers several playing options. If you’re trying to create an authentic casino vibe you can look into adding one or two slot machines or look for repurposed ones to integrate into your furnishings.

• Furniture — The more luxe, the better! Think highbacked leather upholstered chairs, sleek coffee tables and a plush sofa near the bar if you have room and maybe a room divider if you want the full casino experience with a separate lounge.

• Colors and lighting — Go with dramatic shades, most traditionally blacks and dark greens but they can be contrasted by white and pastels. The only bright lights should be over the gaming tables, and a statement pendant light fixture over the center of the room will do wonders in selling your home casino room as the real thing.

• Music — Buy the best sound system you can to play tunes appropriate for your audience.

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