"A gym and sauna room in the loft of a luxury new home. Next to the sauna is a shower cubicle. Equipment includes an exercise bike, rowing machine and some free weights. Natural light is streaming in through two skylight windows. Photographer's own imagery on walls.Please see my other Interior and Architectural images by clicking on the Lightbox link below...A>AA>A"

Get Seriously Fit in your Home Gym

There is little doubt that a gym is the best place to go to obtain many kinds of fitness. Weight and circuit training, aerobic and dance classes, running and cycling — the list seems to go on.

But technology and the rise of at-home service are making the membership-based gym optional. And no matter
how luxurious those gyms try to be, you always have to make some compromises because you’re sharing the space with other human beings. The light may not be the most flattering, their hygiene practices may be great but not excellent.

So if you have a room or can add one, it’s more than a little worth considering setting up your own home gym tailored to your needs and desires to use any time!


This likely will be the most specialized element of your home gym aside from the equipment because different of activities are best done on different surfaces.

Areas where you will be lifting weights need nonslip rubber surfaces to cushion your joints while you’re pumping yourself up. Foam, cork or rubber floors absorb noise and are the best choices if you want to lower the decibel level for surrounding rooms.

If that’s not an issue, hardwood floors can be a more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious alternative.


This of course will depend on your fitness goals and preferences, but it’s good to have a well-rounded selection to ensure better overall fitness and health.

If you are a runner or cyclist at heart, a treadmill or stationary cycle (or both) are no-brainers, but do look into a home gym weight machine or a good selection of weights to get your strength training in.

If you’re more toward the bodybuilding end of the spectrum don’t forget to
bring in at least one good cardio machine, such as a stair-stepper or rowing machine. Think about a climbing wall as a really cool option that takes up almost no room.

If you’re at all into tech and/or data about your performance, this is a great time to look at all the smart machines out there from the better-known products like Peloton and Mirror to sensor-loaded punching bags and virtual free weight and resistance training systems.

Don’t forget smaller-ticket items like yoga mats, balance and medicine balls, foam rollers, resistance bands and other accessories needed for your specific activities. And if you’re planning to use online trainers or other resources, you’ll want a large, wall-mounted monitor for ease of use and communication.


Think about what motivates and supports you in your fitness journey and blend it into your interior design.

If you seek calm and contentment, fill the room with neutrals and pastels and add some greenery and calming scents. If you’re looking for high-energy vibes turn the music up loud and use paint, rugs and art with reds, yellows, oranges and purples.

Whatever lights your fire, also try to incorporate large windows to let in lots of natural light and views of the lovely Northern Arizona you call home.

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