Home interior mockup with blue sofa, marble table and tiffany blue wall decor in living room, 3d render

Luxury Living Room Defines your Home

A luxury home really isn’t that luxurious if it doesn’t have a stunning living room for your family and friends to live in. And when it does, the rest of your home can be a little less magnificent and still feel like the lavish castle of your dreams come to life.

Living rooms serve different purposes for different households. In some it has a semi-formal function for special occasions and entertaining visitors, often without screens. In others it’s also the hub of family recreation whether it’s watching TV, playing games, working on projects or just being together — often set within a great room. This informs how you furnish it, but not how luxurious it can be. These are five key dimensions to consider when infusing this space with sumptuous style.


You’re the one who’s living here, so this room has to be something you’re comfortable and happy with. The colors, furnishings, flooring and overall atmosphere have to be pleasing to you and your family, first of all. Almost anyone’s taste can be translated into a soaring space with aid from the below elements.


If the ceiling is relatively low find ways to visually elevate it, like installing drapes just underneath it and letting them drop elegantly to the floor, or choosing lower-profile furniture that’s as cushiony and decadent as you desire. If it’s already high, use elements to emphasize it like a grand fireplace or shelves to display your most prized collection.


If the view is one of the main draws of the room, don’t let anything get in its way. Spring for larger windows if they’re warranted and orient your furnishings toward it as much as possible. If the room is adjacent to a patio or deck don’t shy away from connecting it to the great outdoors.

For smaller windows the type of curtains or blinds you use is especially important to upping the glam level, such as made-to-measure curtains of velvet or silk or elegant “smart” blinds.


Position your fixtures to show your room in its best light no matter the time of day. Start with whatever natural light is available and then fill in the gaps with recessed or track lighting in areas where you need it to be more functional and bold sconces and hanging lamps where you’re making a statement.

If you have enough ceiling height, a hanging, jaw-dropping chandelier, traditional or modern as you wish, can be the single most effective luxe touch for your living room.


Luxury living rooms that don’t have huge windows with breathtaking views should have one dominant piece of high-quality wall art — it can be a large painting or tapestry, mural or even a hung sculptural piece, as long as it meshes with the color and style of the room. Hang smaller pieces selectively; they can be diverse as long as they don’t totally clash with the main object. Smaller artsy items such as statues and ceramic figures, baskets and pottery can be integrated into the design, but don’t overdo it.

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