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Sedona Solace, Chef Dahl Feeds Sedona

by Wagstaff Media & Marketing

More than 25 years ago, Chef Lisa Dahl arrived in Sedona seeking closure and peace following the murder of her son Justin in San Francisco. Little did Dahl know, she would play a pivotal role in transforming the culinary scene of Sedona — becoming one of the country’s leading female chefs and restaurateurs. In searching for healing through Sedona’s spiritual energy and restorative powers, Dahl unearthed her long-held passion for cooking. Her first restaurant Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano paved the way for her other successful endeavors: Cucina Rustica, Pisa Lisa, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill and Butterfly Burger. Dahl lives by her mantra, “when you cook with love, you feed the soul,” and you can find that spirit in all of her restaurants. Dahl’s first award-winning cookbook The Elixir Life was about much more than just food — she delved into friendship, beauty and gratitude. A love of comfort food, bold flavors and Old-World methodology are the essence of Dahl’s cooking, as are her secret “elixirs” used within many of her ethnic dishes. Dahl has appeared on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise, Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay, championed three prestigious burger battles and is a two-time featured chef at the James Beard House in New York City.

She recently was awarded Arizona’s highest culinary honors two years in a row by the Arizona Restaurant Association: “Top Chef of Arizona” and “Food Pioneer.”

Today, Sedona is seen as a true oasis in the desert for hiking, spiritual healing, positive energy and food. When guests come to Sedona and visit Dahl’s portfolio of award-winning restaurants, she wants all visitors to experience the same magic, growth and happiness she found in Arizona’s vast natural environment.

Chef Dahl Feeds Sedona

Dahl’s second cookbook, A Romance With Food, was published earlier this year and features 91 original recipes and over 150 photos. The literary experience guides readers through Dahl’s emotional and spiritual transformation from travels in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay to Sedona. Many recipes come from Dahl’s famed Sedona staple, Mariposa, the awardwinning Latin inspired grill.

Dahl writes how she felt the name “Mariposa” captured the feminine energy and spirit of transformation creating a powerful juxtaposition “against the bold, masculine terrain of the Arizona high desert.”

photo courtesy of Scott Yates

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