3D rendering of modern kitchen in a loft.

What’s in your Dream Kitchen?

A quickie — and very unscientific — text survey of friends asking what they’d want in a dream kitchen if money was no object elicited a nearly unanimous first response of: “A full-time chef.”

Next: “A maid to clean up after the chef … or me.”

Others mentioned a large kitchen island, two stoves, two dishwashers, sink just for filling large pots and lots and lots of outlets.

From one friend who apparently has given this topic some thought: “I love the pull out trash and recycles
so it’s not out in the open, pot filler is good, an island for sure (no sink), very deep sink, lots of windows, I like the refrigerator that looks like it’s part of the cabinets, wine fridge, outlets around the perimeter, spice drawer, mixer that pops up from under the cabinet, I like lots of space so there can be some shelves and not just cabinets, big enough for a small sofa or chairs so people can hang out while you cook, a high counter with stools.

“Separate pantry is cool, pullouts in all the cabinets to make it easy, double Viking oven and stove, and lastly must have gas, not electric, only! Wood-burning pizza oven, TV, recessed lighting adjustable for cooking or entertaining. That’s all I have from my first thoughts. I haven’t really thought about this.”

Perhaps she should go in the kitchen- design business.

Costwise personal chefs are paid by the hour or the number of people being served, and some average $465 a day while others cook five meals for four at $200 to $300 a week. But a good guess would be they’d want a decent kitchen to cook in.

What does a 2022 luxury kitchen look like?

Just about anything goes from all white to pops of color to “curating” your kitchen space with artworks, decorative ceramics, cookery books and other special art touches that reveal your (or your family’s) personality to sink skirts to designer cooktops and refrigerators.

Current trends include pendant and layered lighting, glass partitions to divide space but keep good lighting and a sense of togetherness, strongly veined marble (oh so luxurious in look and feel), double kitchen island and gold finishes. Also, appliances in drawers or hidden in other ways.

Today’s cooktop technology allows island or counter bases with invisible burners, removable knobs and new surface materials. Cooktops range from modern and sleek to invisible marble island to a gas cooktop using LED lights and customizable burner rings in whimsical shapes. Such Italian brands as Aran Cucine, Smeg and Binova come to mind.

If a range is more your thing, Bertazzoni offers models in plain steel and bold colors from $2,299 to $12,999.

Let’s not forget when France meets Hollywood. George Clooney and Brad Pitt bought $100,000 custom, handmade French La Cornue ranges.

As for luxury in a refrigerator, consider the $40,000 Meneghini La Cambusa. Likely the most expensive in the world, it can be custom-fitted to your dream kitchen and includes a coffee maker, ice-maker, temperature- controlled pantry and flat-screen TV.

Texting friends now with this find …

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