Create your Dream Living Space

by Linda Hughes, Owner, SugarPine & Lantana Design Studio

I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t resist the “before and after” shots of interior spaces.

There it is for all to see — the poor pathetic, sadly vulnerable space just screaming out for someone to make it the beautiful room it knows it can become. Everybody loves a challenge, and what better project to undertake than the one in your own home? A few pieces of advice albeit simplistic but nonetheless sincere.

• Don’t blame the previous owner/designer or waste your time wondering “Why?!” It may have been “all that” at one time.

• Have a vision. Hire a consultant. Shop the showrooms. Use the photos you’ve been collecting. Decide on color, texture, vibe. Placement of fixtures may not change, but always replace them with new pieces. Put as much energy into selecting lighting, wall art and accessories as flooring, plumbing and cabinetry.

• Hire qualified licensed contractors and stick to your budget. Order everything now. You’ll need everything at hand prior to starting!

• Prepare yourself to ignore the mess. Dust happens. Remove the odd angles, misplaced niches and unnecessary architectural detail. Clean lines never fail.

• Be prepared for last minute situations that may arise. Having been at this for 25 years, trust me, something always comes up.

• A sense of humor will serve you well.

Stand back and marvel at the dream space you have created! You’ll ask yourself why you waited so long!

And then post those “before and after” shots.

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