Loft room with cozy design

Flooring is the Foundation of Luxury at Home

When you put the finest velvet couches, largest oriental rugs and most elaborate wooden tables on stained carpet, ancient linoleum tile or creaky wood planks it indisputably detracts from the luxurious atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Same goes if following the nature-driven home trends of 2022.

The right flooring communicates that you’re putting thought into each little and not-so-little detail, as the surface everyone walks on is certainly a key element of every room. Comfort is key, along with color, style and tone, in every design choice you ultimately make for that space.

The most popular flooring materials are not necessarily the ones you’ve seen in the recent past, as homeowners look for fresher takes on the styles that have dominated previous years. They’re seeking out surfaces that inspire as well as serve their practical purpose.


Parquet floors have been sneaking back up the trend lists for the last couple of years as the art of laying wood planks in a pattern has seen a renaissance. The relatively simple zigzag of chevron or herringbone styles are the predominant choice these days, but more ornate options are nearly endless — including Monticello, Versailles and Aremberg patterns, which all originated centuries ago in European castles. These can be made of solid or engineered wood.


The beauty and utility of hardwood flooring often comes with a darker cast than many consumers would prefer, so treating them with chemicals or finishes that give them an ashy or white color lightens the color and mood of the room while allowing the natural grain and knots to show through.


If the airiness of whitewashed wood doesn’t appeal, you can bring more depth to your home aesthetic with smoked hardwood floors. These produces a darker plank without the use of stains. The wood is placed in a chamber and ammonia is released into the air, drawing tannins to the surface of the plank to create a richer color. This often results in a diverse floor in which no two boards are exactly alike.


Like parquet flooring, hexagonal and other tile shapes besides squares provide a more intricate flooring pattern that catches and challenges the eye. Hex
tiles of all sizes are appearing on floors and walls in bathrooms and kitchens and making inroads into other living spaces. Some are being used to draw graphic images and patterns that set
a home interior apart from others.


The reclaimed wood frenzy fired
up for aesthetic reasons but gained
its incredible momentum for its environmental friendliness, reducing demand for old-growth trees for production of new floors. But as the stock of salvageable wood begins to run out it’s a good idea to consider other alternatives including engineered wood.

These floor boards consist of a thin layer of hardwood over a high-quality plywood core that provides very good stability while drastically reducing the need for hardwood. They are available in wider planks than solid wood and can give a room a more spacious feel.

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