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From Facials to Fountains, Let’s Indulge Our Pets

A bedazzled box might be luxury enough for some cats – sans the bedazzling.

But for owners who want more opulence and pampering for their feline and canine companions, consider spa days, resorts stays and fresh water fountains.

Of course the best pampering you can give a dog is more of your time. It’s not the same for cats — it’s incumbent on you to figure out if they like their ears or bellies rubbed, their cheeks or chins scratched and precisely how many of these motions can take place before it’s one too many.

That said, for your kitties, consider creating a comfy space for them or, better yet, several such spaces throughout your home. They like new beds and couches to lounge on and window-seat perches from which to watch the world. They like a variety of napping places as they follow the sun around your home.

Other go-to cat luxuries include:

• Pet drinking fountains. They enjoy watching and drinking fresh flowing water.

• Interactive toys. Make the time to play with your cats, especially your older ones, to help them mentally and physically.

• Kitty gardens. For those cats eyeing house plants, buy a cute cat planter and seedlings and grow such types of grasses as wheat, oat and rye.

In some regards you have a little more pampering leeway with your dog. They travel a bit better and can be contained a bit easier than your feline prima donna. And many like the soothing-and-or-invigorating feel of water.

Indulge Fido in a blueberry facial. According to, this treatment is a good way to cleanse a dog’s face and get rid of tear stains. (And there’s a yummy payoff when licking takes place.)

Pet spas also offer doggie massages and pet acupuncture. The latter can help with arthritis, allergies, chronic pain and asthma. It’s also said to relax your cat.

No harm in pampering yourself along the way, so consider traveling to such luxury resorts as the Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado. This Five-Star, Five-Diamond hotel provides your dog with bowls
and a cozy bed prepped before arrival. A Little Nell Puppy Jet Lag Kitcomeswithaleashandhouse made peanut butter dog treats.

Other pet amenities include a pet menu and dog walking and pet-sitting services.

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