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Treat your Windows with Style

by Tom Binkley, Owner, Prescott Window Coverings

Count the windows in your house. Go ahead.

That’s how many opportunities you have to invest more in the look, feel and perhaps
resale value of your home.

The possibilities are seemingly endless within the broader categories of panels, blinds, shutters and drapes. These are just some of the terms that come into play:

  • Solid/patterned fabric
  • Woven wooden blinds
  • Roman shades or blinds
  • Louvered shutters
  • Valances
  • Roller shades
  • Layering

While how you treat your windows is important in regulating UV rays and sunlight along with privacy, how you choose to adorn them can update a room, tie together a new vision and give your home that perfect finishing touch. What is the function of that room? How would a window treatment perhaps change the mood, temperature and overall atmosphere — think about what might be a negative treatment versus a positive one. Do you need versatile lighting or perhaps a big visual statement?

You can choose window treatments that are readymade, semi-custom and custom, but focus on providing an alternative texture to whichever rooms are in need of transformation.

Perhaps a kitchen with all its hard finishes would benefit from adding a fabric touch to a window. Or, a room with lots of cushiony furniture would be complemented by a wood panel.

Maybe a faux silk drapery panel or valance is just what you need to romanticize the boudoir.

Try out some looks by using a curtain and blind configurator and order samples so you
can match them against wall color and color scheme.

Some dos and don’ts:

Hang curtains at least 12 inches above the window frame or all the way to the ceiling; if possible extend the curtain rod out 3 to 6 inches on either side. Don’t hang curtains right above the window because it stunts the window and lets in less light.

When layering window treatments, use at least two layers (wood blinds paired with a Roman shade, perhaps), to provide greater insulation while creating a focal point. Don’t overdo; try a few layering styles before committing.

Take curtains to the floor, so measure first! Drapes should slightly puddle, brush the floor or strop a half-inch above. Don’t stop at the windowsill.

Think about curb appeal.

Window treatments can enhance a home’s exterior color scheme and architecture. Don’t forget a neutral liner so that unbacked purple curtain doesn’t stick out when looking from the outside in.

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