Closeup of beautiful young woman with Acupuncture Needles during healing treatment, selective focus on eye and near needle

Use your Own QI to Help your Skin

As we fight the aging process — and we all seem to want to no matter how young/old we are — we contemplate Botox, fillers and chemical peels, among other treatments. They all come with an ouch factor of varying degrees.

If that puts you off, perhaps it’s time to consider harnessing the qi (energy) of cosmetic acupuncture in which the ouch is said to be negligible. Of course needles are involved, but they are finer than a strand of hair.

Seen as a non-invasive technique, cosmetic acupuncture has been said to target excess fluid, puffiness, breakouts, age spots droopy eyelids, dull skin and fine lines, while boosting collagen production and cell turnover and increasing circulation and elastin to firm and tone.

It’s never too early to start because our skin elasticity begins to decline at age 21; best results are seen in patients before the age of 55.

Where needles are placed — which corresponds to the various meridians (or invisible energy lines) that move qi energy — matters. Some may not even be on your face because in traditional Chinese medicine, the whole body enters in the picture and work may need to done on your lungs or spleen, for instance, to get the desired facial effects.

Also, other areas are accessed to improve blood flow, which can help one’s complexion. Several points across the body are associated with skin health including the crook of your elbow and the back of the knee.

Your practitioner will ask you questions about your mental, emotional and physical states to assess any internal and external problems that could be affecting your skin and chart your improved skin course accordingly.

You won’t see the immediate results of some of the other facial treatments — you may need 10 or more sessions over a 30-day period to start. And, maintenance sessions will be needed.

Also, you may not see the dramatic result of other treatments, but cosmetic acupuncture should help your face look younger, healthier and more radiant without dangerous side effects.

Always consult your physician before undergoing such treatment. If you have these concerns, cosmetic acupuncture is not for you:

• Hemophilia

• Pacemaker

• Uncontrolled high blood pressure

• Diabetes

• Severe migraines within the last 3 months

• Are pregnant

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