Art Deco interior in classic style with pink armchair and pillow.Vase on table.Dark green wall with ceiling lamp.3d rendering.

Vintage Decor Adds Weight to Room Design

Many people long for the character and historical awareness that vintage furnishings lend to a room.

Shopping vintage décor and accessories also is a “greener” way of adorning your interior rather than buying new lamps, rugs, mirrors, wall art and other knickknacks that aren’t as likely to withstand the test of time.

Classic art and objects that gain value with time add to a home’s luxe factor as well, proof of your discerning taste as well as your means to acquire these marvelous pieces.

Here are some of the types of vintage (anything about 20 years or older) or antique (starting at about 100 years) elements that can build your home’s “wow” factor.

Framed mirrors — Before they became utilitarian items kept in the bathroom and bedroom, mirrors were works of art that made a room seem bigger and lighter and made looking at oneself just a little bit more fun. High quality examples abound from the Victorian era through the art deco years and into the 1950s.

Oil paintings — You can find representative examples from any era over the last 500 years, and given the paint’s tendency to crack over time the ones that are best cared for tend to be of the highest quality. They lend gravitas to a room that won’t be soon forgotten.

Chandeliers — These light fixtures are statement pieces no matter when they were made, but repurposed ones from earlier epochs have a shine and heft that’s harder to find in newer examples. They can become the jewel of the room where they are hung.

Rugs — They truly don’t make these like they used to. The great majority of these are machine-woven now, so when you buy vintage or antique you’re paying for the experience and craftsmanship of the artisan weaver behind it. Colors can fade attractively over time, but the integrity of the piece holds strong.

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