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Your Delicate Eye Area Needs Special Care

A big pair of sunglasses combined with eye cream creates a potent partnership in the anti-aging game.

Sun is a key contributor to wrinkles, dark spots and sagging eyes so consider sun glasses your first line of defense. They also might curb the squinting, which over your lifetime certainly impacts the look of your eyes. But the right kind of eye cream acts as an ally against fine lines and wrinkles, too.

And the right kind of eye cream, experts say, would include potent antioxidants — these help protect skin from aging caused by UV rays and other environmental factors — including vitamin C, Retinol (vitamin A) and peptides.

These ingredients boost collagen production, something our skin makes less of as we age. This helps with elasticity to smooth and revitalize the eye area. Other ingredients in some eye creams that might appeal to you are:

• Caffeine for dark circles and puffiness

• Green tea for soothing and protecting

• Aloe vera, also for soothing, while offering cooling and hydrating properties

• Squalane for mimicking our sebum, which declines with age, for a plumping effect

• Vitamin B3, which supports moisture retention and skin tone

Stay away from using your regular face moisturizer on your eye area because it just won’t be as effective as an eye cream specifically formulated for the delicate skin around the eye. Eye creams tend to be thicker and contain more oil than a regular facial moisturizer.

When applying, target your eye socket, but don’t come too close to your bottom lash line and stay away from your eyelids. Use a delicate touch as you apply to your under-eye area. Use daily — consistency is important — morning and night. Allow eye cream to sink in and settle before moving on to your next skin care/makeup step.

Check and see if the formula that interests you can be stored in the refrigerator because a chillier temperature will help refresh, de-puff and soothe tired eyes.

Also, your eye cream will soak in better if your skin is a little bit damp.

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