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2022 Trends to Include in your New Luxury Home

We’ve become accustomed to spending more time at our homes over the last few years, and current home design trends reflect this.

Homes across the market are being built, rebuilt and designed to be more luxurious and enveloping for families while also being more connected to the natural world.

These are the biggest movements we’re seeing with our clients and throughout high-end projects.

Basophilic design/outdoor living

These major trends are feeding into the same impulse to erase or blur the lines between inside and outside life. Basophilic design connects living rooms and even bedrooms and baths to the outdoors via lush plant walls, gardens and trees planted under skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows onto mountains and meadows.

Plush furniture, TVs, sound systems and dining tables are migrating outdoors, often in heated spaces under large retractable shades that let you see the stars at night.

Curvilinear elements

Most homes have an element of “straight-line syndrome.” Even if arched doorways are incorporated into the design, the walls meet at right angles, hallways are straight and counters and dividing walls are linear.

Curvilinear elements in yellow sails used to provide shade to the forecourt of entrance way

Now, architects and interior designers are rounding off those corners and drawing squiggly lines whenever they get a chance. High barrel-vault ceilings, meandering walkways, arched windows and doors and rounded-edge furniture give comforting vibes and a nod to nature.

Versatile spaces

As our homes become more multipurpose, so do our rooms. This can mean great rooms that can be easily cordoned off into more intimate nooks and crannies and dining tables that can be converted into desks, rather than haphazardly commandeered for the role.

Outdoor spaces often are the easiest to adapt to different roles. Inflatable screens and lightweight furniture for a movie or game nights can be stowed away so guests at a formal cocktail party can mingle.


It’s the single best example of a nature-made material that also screams luxury!

Kitchen marble bench close up with black hanging pendant and vase

It’s a perfectly stunning element for floors, countertops, bathroom sinks and walls, even in the more rugged and rough planks coveted at this moment for new builds and remodels.

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