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Let your Landscape Inspirations Provide Benefits

Are you missing that oasis feel to your front and back yard areas?

The vast number of possibilities in design — the radiant range of colors in seasonal or annual plants that treat our eyes and the tree choices that delight us with their sweet perfumes and beauty — are endless.

Irrigation systems are key to any successful Arizona landscape. Lush green grass tickles your toes and generates a natural coolant, collects soil and unhealthy run off from other areas, and it provides clean oxygen.

Lawns require irrigation maintenance so having the proper system is important. Drip irrigation systems save water because of the little run off or evaporation.

The heat and freezing temperatures in Arizona can be very stressful for our plants so consider working with a licensed irrigation specialist who understands the importance of proper adjustments being made during the various seasons.

Landscape design allows home and business owners to make an immediate positive impression on visitors. But beyond aesthetic reasons, your design also can be used as a motivator to be more active outside.

This could include working in the garden, playing sports or games with the family, or just enjoying a barbecue with friends. Adding an outdoor living space to any area is the cheapest way to enhance any area around your home.

Investing in hardscape material (manmade, non-living) is valuable and beneficial to the environment. How about adding that paver or rock walkway? Install edging to create a unique look with various materials on either side, have a deck built or a patio area installed for gatherings with those close to you.

Are you looking for a landscaping type that requires little maintenance? Gravel, boulders, steppingstones, pavers or bricks are simple, yet add texture, color and definition. Wood chips are a natural option that can be used to limit weed growth and conserve water along with enhancing curb appeal. Artificial grass is vibrant in color, pleasurable and relaxing, and can illuminate any area.

How about a warm area to sit around during those cold winter months? A fire pit is a great gathering centerpiece. Consider putting in a retaining/sitting wall for more acquaintances to meet.

Installing hardscape materials will allow for fewer areas needing high maintenance.

Landscaping ideas are endless. Find the right landscaper to help bring your ideas to reality.

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