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Summer Fashion Flaring in Fun Directions

Settling on a single “look of the summer” is getting harder and harder as trends rise and fall with the speed of a TikTok reel and self-expression becomes the new cool.

But some of our tendencies are coming to the fore and can be identified as in vogue as the weather heats up.

Here’s a handful that might work for you!

Columns of color

We’re still looking for every excuse we can to wear can’t-miss-it color, and it’s not hard to find one when so many others are doing it!

Many of these ensembles are blooming as monochromatic greens, pinks, oranges, yellows and purples, letting us strut our stuff in eye-catching suits, dresses and coordinates. Others are getting even bolder by experimenting with color combos few would have attempted three years ago, realizing a lot more of them work than you’d thought.

To keep up with this trend, shop for anything with vibrant hues, especially limey greens, hot pinks and sunny or buttery yellows. .

Understated luxury

Our closets are also making room for a somewhat countervailing trend of cautious-seeming neutrals, often monochromatic, cut with style that speak to chic style and class. These garments often have some little tweak or twist for added interest, such as an unusually cut collar, oversized buttons or a hard-to-find, opulent kind of finish.

These pieces are valued for their flexibility and timelessness, so they’re worth the investment.

Look out for wide-leg trouser suits, sleek maxi shirts, boxy blazers, leather loafers and elegant shirts in white, cream, beige, gray, black and a few pale pastels. All should be basic yet indispensable.

Dresses to the maxi

Ankle-length skirts and dresses are everywhere on the runway and are yet another form the monochromatic trend has taken and can be either brash or cool.

Streamlined and form-fitting will dominate, leaving plenty of room for some fun layers on top. Wraparound skirts and cropped tops look amazing together, as most of us have found out at one time or another.

A few designs are even reaching the floor, but they may not be a great fit with the relaxed, outdoorsy Northern Arizona lifestyle. Shop for pencil-cut skirts or ribbed dresses and go for low necklines and sexy cutouts if you’re ready for them!

Sporty springs off the court

Fashion is still gravitating toward the sporty and casual bent much of society has taken lately, but we’re starting to move away from the sweatpants and sweatshirts we were sinking into.

We’re shifting to running gear and tennis skirts, visors and polo shirts. Squeaky tracksuits and cross-trainers that actually might be worn while exercising are in demand along with coordinated hats and bags.

Hunt for peppy, comfortable outfits in luxe fabrics and white or some of the radiant reds or other saturated colors that have made the hit parade. Use casual but sturdy jewelry to complete the look.

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