Bring the Resort Home to your Patio

Maybe you can’t spend your whole summer traveling, but you can easily recreate some luxe resort atmosphere at home, especially out back where your space is more flexible and the sky’s quite literally the limit.

Touches small and large can bring the serene, sophisticated vibe of the toniest vacation hideaways from around the globe, and rotating pieces in and out can make it brand-new every couple of weeks.

Better yet, you can create additional outdoor seating areas, more intimate than the primary one you likely have at the rear of your home. These can be fenced off for privacy or opened up to the horizon. You can keep a cohesive look or furnish them from different eras or destinations, whatever suits your taste!

Remember these essentials for designing your perfect summer resort patio:


Remember that Arizona sun is going to be powerful in the summer so make sure you’re prepared. An oversized umbrella can do the trick but may be awkward to deal with, so consider a mechanized awning with a sensor to adjust it for different times of the day.

Oversized planters bearing healthy trees and shrubs can produce more natural-looking protection and add to the opulent atmosphere you’re aiming for.


Look for sturdy furnishings topped with durable yet comfortable fabrics your family and friends can really sink into, just like they would in your interior living room.

Sofas, a fireplace or fire pit, ceiling fan, coffee table, rugs, and even a TV screen add to the lavish look while inviting family and guests to bask in the summer’s glow.

An outdoor daybed with a roll-up shade can be a great poolside touch.


The finest resorts strive for a casual yet trendy ambiance with relaxing tunes and precise lighting for a sense of sophisticated escape.

Make sure your illumination can be calibrated to work with the natural light, or lack thereof, and whatever mood you’re trying to establish. A high-quality sound system that can play music with depth without being turned “up to 11” completes the scene nicely.


No resort is complete without at least a few hot tubs for guests to share, and the poshest include one in each suite, indoors and/or out.

Kick up the glam around your patio with an in-ground hot tub surrounded by a wood deck to slip into whenever the time is right. Ensure that it has an attractive, secure cover and consider adding a pergola to add some shade and protection, though you’ll still want to be able to see the stars at night.


Most resorts feature outdoor dining to some degree, offering a less formal backdrop that brings you closessr to nature’s spectacle. You’ll want to have a table on or near your patio large enough to comfortably accommodate your family and the largest crowd you typically entertain, space permitting.

What’s more fun than enjoying a resort-like atmosphere with your friends without having to actually travel with them?

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