Don’t Sacrifice Natural Light for Privacy, Sleep

by Tom Binkley, Owner, Prescott Window Coverings

Natural light is the secret sauce for most home illumination plans today. It connects us to the outdoors, reduces energy bills and makes us happier and more energetic.

Uncovered windows can mean sunlight in your bedroom way too early or unintentionally entertaining the neighbors. These also can cause overheated kitchens and living rooms — especially in Arizona.

We offer homeowners several options for striking a balance between these desires with our products. Let us work with you to solve this conundrum!

Sheer shades

These lightweight shades often are the perfect answer to these competing concerns. The fabric used to make the slats is very versatile and can be adjusted with louvers to allow the amount of light needed at morning, noon and night.

They’re produced in numerous colors and gradients that also impact the brightness of the light being allowed through. When closed, they diffuse the light to allow a soft cast in the room.

Wood shutters

Since they’re solid, these coverings completely shut out the light when closed, making it ideal for bedrooms flooded with light at inopportune times. They offer a classic look, and it’s easy to open them or redirect them to allow the right amount of illumination for every occasion.

They can be custom-made for arched or rounded windows, as well as rectangular ones.

Drapery panels

These fabric pieces are cut to cover a window from top to bottom, either as one piece or two to create curtains. These are the most effective product for keeping heat in or out, depending on the season, and for keeping the room completely dark at night and the early morning as blackout curtains.

They can also be paired with sheer shades for multiple design styles and levels of protection for your windows.

Motorize it!

Adding motors to your window coverings increases the luxury and convenience factor wherever they’re installed.

These coverings can be adjusted with the touch of a button. Most can be programmed for different times of the day, giving you a hassle-free way to meet your natural lighting needs from hour to hour.

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