Cabinets can be Playground for Kitchen Color

Kitchens are considered by many to be the heart of the home, so it’s important to get the mood right. This can fuel overthinking, though, about kitchen décor — should it be cozy or sleek? Traditional or techy?

Sometimes looking to current trends can settle such questions or at least give you a frame of reference while weighing your options.

When it comes to color it’s easy to worry about going overboard if you stray from tried-and-true neutrals like stark or creamy whites, grays or beiges. But seeing the trends being embraced by others for their kitchens can increase your confidence with trying something a little bit outside that box.

Here are some trendier shades that may work well for you and your family.

  • Pale greens — Green is having its moment in the interior design sun as the emblem of nature, new growth and related soothing feelings. Especially when it lacks the gold undertones so popular in the 1970s, green is being embraced by many as a color of the year for 2022. Mint, sage, slate green and similar hues are complementary to neutrals like gray and beige when used on the doors or frames.
  • Powder or periwinkle blue — The cool, soothing color drawn from the skies above us has been used in kitchens across the decades, dipping into and out of popularity. Powdery or baby blues add country kitchen vibes to the atmosphere while the purplish elements of periwinkle, the basis of Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, lend a slightly edgier vibe.
  • Eggplant (aubergine) — Anyone who loves the drama of a black kitchen but is still looking for a little luster will appreciate the luxurious depths of this deep purple; more elegant and decadent that its periwinkle cousin. It looks especially regal against white walls with gold hardware.
  • Citron — The sunniness of yellow has won it a lot more fans in the last couple of years, and citron’s location about midway between orange and green on the color wheel gives it an especially appealing earthiness. It’s becoming especially popular for base cabinets and wrapping around kitchen islands.

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