More Men Appreciating the Luxury of Spas

So, your feet are looking kinda ugly. You’ve been working out, running between home and work and action. Your toenails are either slivers or swords. Feeling the calloused skin on your right heel rubbing with each drive you take makes you wince.

You’d like to have someone take care of all that for you, but you’re a man. You can’t just walk into the corner nail salon or day spa.

Can you?

According to the most recent industry figures men make up just about half of all spa customers, in a jump of about 15% in the last 10 years.

As awareness about the impact of stress on overall wellness continues to rise, more men are deciding to let themselves take luxurious breaks from today’s demanding lifestyle. Massages are still the service they most often request, but more are discovering the pleasures and health benefits of manicures and pedicures, facials, body services and hydrotherapies.

Even though they’re looking to relax as much as women are, men aren’t as motivated by just the promise of being pampered, tending to choose their services based on the results they want to see.

The services they’re finding to be spa-mazing include:

  • Massages — Men on the whole are more physically active than women, so it’s natural for them to experience more muscle soreness, tension and injuries that can benefit from some body work.

Deep tissue massage uses high pressure to release knots and break up scar tissue lingering after an injury, while sports massage uses a variety of techniques to help athletes perform at their peak.

CBD massage uses the titular oil to calm inflammation without sending the client out to their car smelling like a perfume salesman.

  • Hair removal — Men do have more hair on their bodies than women so choosing these services also makes sense.

Whether it’s dispensing with those annoying back strands they can never hope to reach or take an all-inclusive approach for a cooler summer, safe and effective hair removal is a big selling point — as well as hair and beard shampoos and treatments and treatments to prevent or slow hair loss.

  • Skin care — Most men are relative novices compared to women in this area, so in many cases they’re more likely to look for professional help, rather than go with a home remedy.

More are learning about how their skin looks, and how much better it can look and feel after a brightening facial or a microdermabrasion. Anti-aging measures to reduce fine lines and wrinkles also being noticed by men and getting them noticed!

  • Mani-pedis — As in the aforementioned example, men are realizing the body parts they typically neglect need some love too, and in their case the pros are more able to provide it.

Callus removal, nail trims, cuticle care, hand and foot soaks and quality clear nail polish are tying their look together and making them feel more confident in and out of the boardroom.

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