Cleaning Services Help You Glide through Life

he struggle to keep your home clean is real. Whenever you have gotten it back to sparkling, life comes back in its wondrous messiness and sweeps through with dirt, dust and grime from outside and within.

Every spill, spot, smudge and speck of dust sends you reeling, and your allergies won’t let you stop sneezing or snorting either.

You’ve probably pondered hiring a professional cleaning service for years, but the unknowns have held you back, not the least of which is: What exactly do they do? How much support do they really supply for this never-ending battle?

The answer depends on how frequently you bring one into your home and the level of service requested, but they can make a huge difference.


Most cleaning services offer scheduled cleanings on a regular basis, such as every one or two weeks. These can tackle as many of the essential chores as you request but usually start with dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning the toilet, shower and bathroom counters, as well as kitchen appliances, counters and other surfaces.

Toys and other clutter can be put back in their place and dishes washed and put away. Windows aren’t usually included in each visit but can be scheduled on a less-frequent basis.


More intensive cleaning is generally done less frequently but can be done on a schedule, too, such as every three or six months. The target here is the grime that builds up in corners and behind appliances and furniture that isn’t noticed daily but can build up and affect your quality of life over the long term.

Deep cleaners get to the coils under or behind your refrigerator, scrape all the caked-on grease on your stove and oven, thoroughly dust all corners along the ceilings and floor, clean under the sinks and on both sides of all windows.


Most services will not wash or fold laundry, but some companies may provide housekeepers who will visit several times a week to offer more extensive services including laundry, cooking, errands and child, elder or pet care.

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