Design a Nursery for Baby & You

When you’re bringing a new baby home, you should put them in a room where the lighting and temperature can be easily controlled and the decor easily customized when your child’s own personality and preferences emerge.

It should harmonize with the rest of your home but have a fresh, uncluttered perspective. And above all it should be a safe haven, free from dangerous furniture, harmful substances and incorporating natural elements to begin fostering a love for the environment.

Nurseries serve three main functions and should be organized into “zones” that support each activity — plus some little luxuries you can enjoy together.


You may think all cribs are rectangular platforms bounded by wooden slats, but they come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some are even done with acrylic slats or sides for 100% visibility. A few even have built-in monitors and sensors that can rock your baby back to sleep.

But you may choose to start with a cradle and bassinet for a snugger and more portable environment, and they lend themselves even more to luxurious styles and materials, though a marble bassinet might be a bit impractical.

Put whimsical wallpaper or stickers on the ceiling to entertain a baby who will be spending a lot of time face-up.


A rocker may be the most time-honored type of seating for this vital, time-consuming task, but glider chairs provide a gentler ride for both of you. Many are recliners as well, and they come in every design aesthetic you can imagine, ready to be integrated into another room later on.

Look for ones with push-button controls and USB charging ports to make this time more effortless and multifunctional.


There are ways to make this part of the day more fun for everyone, starting with ultra-plush table toppers that can be safely attached to the top of an heirloom dresser to draw some family history into the mix.

A purpose-built changing table can be more convenient, and some can be converted into child-size furniture once the diapering days are “behind” you.

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