Layer to Get Versatile Window Coverings

by Robin and Tom Binkley, Owners, Prescott Window Coverings

Drapes, blinds and other window coverings serve multiple purposes — they need to both allow and block sunlight, plus enhance your interior decor.

Serving all these masters most easily is done by layering your treatments to suit your needs.


Any solid window coverings such as blinds and shutters are hung closest to the glass. These do an excellent job of controlling the light levels within the room while maintaining a solid, polished look.

Softer light-blocking treatments like shades can create a mellower, calm atmosphere, and gauzy curtains filter sunlight while letting most through.

Cellular shades are particularly useful for older windows or in more extreme climates, such as in Phoenix or Flagstaff. They’re great for insulation and blocking drafts and have a contemporary look that complements many design styles, or they can be paired with more traditional fabrics.

Roman shades combine softness and elegance as their layers gradually fold under each other, while roller shades lend a somewhat sleeker look. Both look amazing with a cornice installed on top to conceal the fabric when they’re completely raised.


This is where the fun comes in with draperies in solids and colorful prints that can augment your home decor and, in the case of blackout curtains, block out all light for an environment conducive to a good night’s sleep and complete privacy, when needed.

The most classic look is heavier drapes surrounding translucent gauze curtains or shades for an airy, dreamy vibe. They also can provide backup for opaque rollup or cellular shades while softening the look of the interior.

It’s usually best to pair one with a print with another of neutral or complementary color, but sometimes you can choose one bolder print and combine it with a more delicate pattern for an arresting look.

White can blend in with the walls and soften a room.

Draperies over solid window treatments such as blinds or shutters are the best of both worlds, pairing lighting control with luxurious style.

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