Level Up your Home’s Smart Tech

Sensors, apps and voice commands have been making our home lives more comfortable and streamlined for more than a decade, and most luxury homes incorporate some combination of security, climate, lighting, watering and entertainment controls to make living even more effortless.

Take a look at these upgrades that will elevate your existence into the stratosphere of ease.


Automated blinds and shades work so well, but still get in between you and the stunning Northern Arizona vistas you moved here for.

Electrochromic glass, which adjusts its tint to the amount of available sunlight or to commands sent via Wi-Fi, has been available for commercial and institutional (school, museum, etc.) structures and some multifamily projects.

More options are available for single-family homes as well, including adhesive films that can be attached to existing windows as well as glass for new builds and remodels.


While smart refrigerators purportedly assist you with notifications of whether you need to buy more milk, veggies or meat, these features mostly still live in the future. But smart ranges and ovens really can make your cooking life much easier through remote and timed preheating via apps, power burners, air fry trays, built-in temperature probes, cinematic lighting, recipe databases and more.

Smart range hoods that can be monitored from everywhere and adapt to the level of particulates, grease and other impurities are just coming onto the market.


One of the biggest issues with home tech is the number of devices coming out from different companies that are the best in their class but may not be the best at communication with devices from other manufacturers.

The complexity of working out these bugs has slowed adoption of smart home tech and triggered countless headaches for homeowners.

The long-awaited Matter interoperability standard that more than 200 companies including Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon have been developing currently is expected to debut in fall 2022. Security cameras and alarm systems are the largest category that won’t be integrated until Matter 2.0 (at least).

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